The Levinstein Group intends to develop its international operations, leveraging the excellent reputation it has gained over the decades. The group’s expanding operations include new partnerships in numerous current projects in the Mediterranean and eastern European regions:

Cyprus – Construction of 500 housing units in four projects in northern Cyprus. These units consist of detached homes with private swimming pools, semi-attached homes, and two-story buildings with four units each.
In addition, 3,000 housing units are slated for high-density construction (up to 8 floors per building) on a kilometer-long strip on the eastern Cyprian coastline


Serbia – The construction of S.O.L., a Belgrade office building, on a 20,000 sq. m. lot. The project, implemented in collaboration with Strabag, one of Austria’s leading construction companies, was completed in September 2006. It was sold to a Macedonian bank immediately upon termination.


Poland and Hungary – 15 construction projects, eight in Poland and seven in Hungary, containing 13,500 housing units, were undertaken with success.  Over 2,500 units are currently in the implementation and sale stages.


India: Mumbai  Project- A  redevelopment project under the government scheme to end the Slums of Mumbai. Total of 900 apartments for the slum and 90,000 sq.m for offices building. The project is located on one of the main roads of the city, in close proximity to the international Airport.
500 apartments are currently under construction and construction of the commercial building will commence by the end of 2012. The apartments will be handed over to the slum dwellers free of charge while commercial space had been sold to a large Indian conglomerate.




India : Mysore Project –  Villas cum Plots project in PPP with local government. On an area of 80 Acres (1st phase) the company develop a gated community of 700 plots and 300 villas. It is the first of its kind in Mysore, offering internaional standards never before seen in this part of India. Mysore’s population is 1 million, and it is located south west of Bangalore. Mysore has seen impressive growth in recent years, and the economy is based on Hospitality, IT, automobile industry, and more. A new airport was recently opened in the city.