Buchman - new projects in Modiin

This is Levinstein's fourth and most prestigious project in Modiin.
The Buchman neighborhood is a sought-after neighborhood in Modiin, and most of the properties in this complex are two-family detached houses. The neighborhood is famous for the human capital that lives in it, whether you are a young family with small children or an old family with teenagers and soldiers.
The wide mix of apartments ensures that each member of the household will have his or her own place to grow, flourish, and develop in a neighborhood that is considered a city. Phone details: 08-9261940 or 5115 *


20 minutes from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - in the heart of the country, Modiin is one of the young and planned cities in Israel. The city has won several awards for education, decoration, and planning.
The city has first-class educational institutions, rich cultural and community life, and well-developed and modern transportation arteries. All of these make the city ideal for living and bring a quality population from all over the central region.


5 buildings with 4,5,6 room apartments with balcony, garden apartments and penthouses.


Advanced Planning

Distinct architectural language

High Finish

High-quality living environment

A variety of new projects

High Technical Specifications

Quality construction

Meeting deadlines

High standards

Nationwide deployment

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