Levinstein in Antigonus

Only a true Tel Avivian knows that Yehuda HaMaccabi and Ibn Gabirol meet in Milano Square. Only a true Tel Avivian knows that Tel Aviv is the best city in the world. Only a true Tel Avivian loves Tel Aviv non-stop. Levinstein in Antigonus, a special project built in the ancient and mythological north of Tel Aviv. Only a true Tel Avivian will not miss the opportunity to live here. The Levinstein project in Antigonus offers a mix of designed apartments of 3,4 rooms, and luxury penthouses.


A true Tel Avivian knows every corner of the north of the city. A true Tel Avivian also knows that the Antigonus project is within walking distance of all the places that allow you to enjoy with the kids, with friends, or even alone the wide lawns of Yarkon Park, playgrounds, and dog corners, sports facilities, bike paths, and the Yarkon River. Also, you enjoy proximity to the Louis Marshall Garden and only a few minutes' walks from Gan Ha'azhmaot Garden, from the Basel complex with its cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and unique designer shops, from the flourishing Tel Aviv port. And from three elementary schools, two high schools, and more than 20 kindergartens located in the quiet beautiful neighborhood.
The Levinstein project in Antigonus, in the true north of Tel Aviv, is about to become the most sought-after property, in the most exciting area of the city.


The Levinstein project in Antigonus sets a new standard of quality. The standard of construction and finishes is evident throughout the building, from the exceptional architectural design, through the lobby, the quiet and fast elevator to the advanced underground parking system.


Technical Specifications

Even inside the apartments you can see the quality of living we were thinking about: the kitchens, the luxury flooring, the aluminum shutters, the designed security door - and that's just the tip of the fork.

2 Room Apartment, 1st Floor, B11

2.5 Room Apartment, 1st Floor, B13

4 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floors, C11

4 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floor, C13

C-13 4-room apartments

3 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floor, D11

3 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floor, D13

3 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floor, E11

3 Room Apartment, 2-6 Floor, E13

5 Room Penthouse, 7th Floor, F11

5 Room Penthouse, 7th Floor, F13

2.5 Room, Ground Floor, A11

3 Room, Ground Floor, A13

Advanced Planning

Distinct architectural language

High Finish

High-quality living environment

A variety of new projects

High Technical Specifications

Quality construction

Meeting deadlines

High standards

Nationwide deployment

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