Levinstein Neve Gan, Ramat Hasharon

Between the south of Ramat Hasharon and north of Tel Aviv is the "Neve Gan" neighborhood, which officially belongs to Ramat Hasharon - but enjoys neighborhoods next to the city without a break (Tel Aviv). Neve Gan is located in the south of Ramat Hasharon, in the southern part of Road No. 5. In the neighborhood, two public parks are planned to be built, which will be connected by green paths throughout the entire neighborhood, as well as a country club for the benefit of the residents.


The neighborhood is bounded by the Ayalon North Road to the west, the Tel Baruch neighborhood of Tel Aviv to the south, the cemetery to the north, and the "Haphil" junction to the east. North of the neighborhood up to Road No. 5 there are open fields, designated for future construction. South of the neighborhood and adjacent to it, between it and the Tel Baruch neighborhood of Tel Aviv, there is a commercial center called Mikado Center. Also, the location of the neighborhood in the heart of the central area allows easy access to many public institutions and services in a short drive.


An impressive and prestigious building facing a green open landscape and on the horizon, Tel Aviv, in a 16-story building with two basements planned. The mix of apartments is varied and wide, with 5 rooms garden apartments + basement, 4.5 rooms, 5 rooms, 6 rooms, and luxurious penthouses with very rich technical specifications. Leave details and phone number and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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