Levinstein Nof Bereshit -Great quality of life

The Nof Bereshit Project is a special project with the green valley views unfolding from the balconies and windows of the houses. Careful thought and planning were invested in the construction of the project in the selection of the highest quality raw materials, in green construction, and a combination of rich and vested technical specifications. The Nof Bereshit project offers a variety of new apartments in Afula, is cleverly designed, and is characterized by green and advanced construction.


In the vicinity of the project, public buildings and parks were planned: a commercial center, a park, and a new train station, which will lead to the connection of the area with transportation infrastructure to the whole country.


The project was designed and built with a diverse mix of 3,4 and 5 rooms apartments. Our sales office is open and we invite you to visit the Nof Bereishit sales office in the Jezreel district.

Technical Specifications

Building: Luxurious entrance lobby Colorful TV intercom Insulation of the walls of the building, including stone cladding and thermal insulation Special storage room for bicycles (preservation of the environment) Gardening without pesticides in economical vegetation (water-saving) Use of non-construction materials Carcinogens, with a green standard mark (use of green substances)

Apartment: Designed security door included in the price of 60/60 porcelain granite flooring in the living room, kitchen and rooms Laminated parquet in the master bedroom Electric shutter in the living room Insulated glass in all rooms (except in the bathroom and wet rooms) LE coating on Southern room windows (power saving) Ceiling fans in 2 bedrooms (power saving) * Vouchers will be provided to purchase an additional interior door for the storage room Large windows of the required standard (clean air, for airflow and natural light entry 3-phase electricity 3X25

Kitchen: High-quality sandwich kitchen that includes top and bottom cabinets "Caesar stone" worksurface Faucet Removable mouth Quality sink in flat installation Faucets in the faucets (water-saving) Toilets Monoblock toilets with a dual-quantity operation (saving In water) anti-slip flooring

Advanced Planning

Distinct architectural language

High Finish

High-quality living environment

A variety of new projects

High Technical Specifications

Quality construction

Meeting deadlines

High standards

Nationwide deployment

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