Levinstein Tower in Gani Tikva

A quality locality in the center of the country, its proximity to strong localities leads to a fine local population, and thus the locality enjoys both a strong and rooted continuation generation and a new, high-quality population.
The level of education in the community is considered particularly high and is also a breakthrough in the field of computerized education, and even won awards and praise from the government and serves as a platform for modeling and imitation throughout the country.
A luxury 19-story tower, which includes 71 housing units, ranging from 4 to 7 rooms.
The tower will have a luxurious lobby, 3 elevators, a tenants' room, a carriage room, and a bicycle.



Adjacent to the localities, Savyon, Kiryat Ono, Kfar Maas, and Petah Tikva. Close to Bar Ilan University.


19 floors in the building 4 apartments on the floor, each apartment a separate and private entrance Development of a full lot, and designed by a landscape architect A prestigious entrance lobby invested and designed by an interior architect Intrap Company, underground and above-ground parking lot, an internal mailroom. Extensive and air-conditioned activity hall, air-conditioned tenant room that includes toilets and kitchenette, trolley and bicycle room, garbage shaft, private warehouse for each apartment, porcelain granite flooring 60 * 60 - in a selection of shades from leading suppliers, Electric roller shutter in the living room at the exit to the sun terrace, colorful TV intercom at the entrance to the apartment plus audio units in the master bedroom, TV and telephone points in each room, connection of the apartment to three-phase 3X25 electricity, kitchen cabinets, including child building unit, dishwasher preparation From a diverse selection to choose from, monoblock toilets, indoor sun terrace and metal and glass railing, laminated parquet in the master bedroom including in the closet, stainless steel kitchen sink or silicawort to choose from flat installation, pull-out faucet, security door at the entrance to the apartment, in each master 2 windows, luxurious interior doors In the interior door in addition to the steel door, Preparation for electric shutter in every window except bathrooms and storage room, storage window - Dry Keep, preparation for a home theater system in the living room - 5 points - piping + pull wire, gas point on the service balcony as an option for a gas water heating system.


Advanced Planning

Distinct architectural language

High Finish

High-quality living environment

A variety of new projects

High Technical Specifications

Quality construction

Meeting deadlines

High standards

Nationwide deployment

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