Levinstein Tower – Tel Aviv


ID: #1135
Type: Commercial
סוג נכס: Commercial
מיקום: Tel Aviv


Location: Tel Aviv’s business district at Menahem Begin RD.  
Description:  A luxurious 33-floor office building, boasting breathtaking vistas and blending the blue skies with the azure sea. Constructed on a 35,000-sqm. lot and featuring an additional 25,000 sqm. below the surface.  
 Occupancy: Entire floors are leased, long-term, to a variety of leading firms, offices, and agencies.  

קומה 4: 880 מ"ר -קומת גוגל אחרונה!!! 

קומה 15: 1035 מ"ר- מיידי


לפרטים: 03-7100214 או 5115*