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"Bayit bahoresh", luxury residence in the heart of the grove in the city of Yoq'neam. The project will be built on the side of a mountain immersed in a green and open grove in front of the spectacular valley view. Above the green Jezreel Valley, at the end of Road 6, which connects the city to the center of the country in about 45 minutes, only a 15-minute drive from Haifa, here in Yoq'neam in front of the Carmel ridge, your dream of happiness comes true.

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Above the green Jezreel Valley, at the end of Road 6, which connects the city to the center of the country in about 45 minutes, only a 15-minute drive from Haifa, here in Yoq'neam in front of the Carmel ridge, Your dream of happiness comes true.


Yoq'neam's qualities are reflected in its excellent education, the high-tech parks that have made it the Israeli Silicon Valley, archeological sites, convenient picnic areas, and in fact it is an excellent starting point for amazing hiking trails and nature walks. The project has 52 ground-level units that spoil their tenants with extremely high technical specifications, as befits a prestigious project. Each unit has 6 or 7 rooms, with a large garden, 2 parking spaces and a luxurious lobby.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Rich and prestigious technical specifications: The project A residential complex that includes 52 housing units, most of the ground-level. A two-family and three-level residential building (only part) that includes 2-3 residential floors Exterior wall cladding natural stone / hard cladding + plaster. 2 private parking spaces per apartment Private warehouse for each apartment Apartment specifications: General Security door at the entrance to the apartment. White and/or other interior doors according to the tenant's choice Mini central apartment air conditioning (separate units for the ground floor and first floor and split air conditioner in the attic) Preparation of a gate and an electric mechanism at the entrance to the apartment parking lot The entrance gate for pedestrians Electric roller shutter in the living room and all bedrooms except the bathroom Aluminum windows with insulating glass throughout the house (except bathrooms, service, and storage) Chains in the living room - living room and in all bedrooms except the security room Sun terrace with aluminum railings combined with glass. The gas point in the garden Waterpoint in the garden Flooring the sun terrace and the exit plaza from the living room in DECK or other porcelain granite 80X80 matte/glossy/patio flooring for the tenant to choose from a variety of options in every apartment except bathrooms and balconies Laminated parquet in the master bedroom. Preparation for a home theater audio system Preparation for a smart home system in all rooms of the apartment and a digital operating controller with a touch screen for a hot water boiler Three-phase electricity 3X40 amps Preparation for a central vacuum cleaner point Kitchen Upper and lower kitchen cabinets made of sandwich wood, including the BUILT-IN unit, and claps in the upper cabinets. There is a Caesar stone kitchen in a selection of shades. Acrylic or stainless steel kitchen sink in flat installation Removable flower faucet Cladding between cabinets with ceramic tiles. Preparing for the dishwasher Preparation for a steam collector Bathrooms and toilets Wall cladding with ceramic tiles in a selection of sizes, colors, and models. Porcelain granite flooring Anti-slip 33X33 or 20/50 parquet-like in a selection of models and colors. Porcelain granite wall cladding in a selection of models and colors Hanging toilets and concealed flushing tanks Flower taps In the master bathroom and the main bathroom, an integral closet is combined with a sink and mirror Sanitary ware. Acrylic bathtub. Preparation for a heater in the bathrooms. The main specifications are for illustration purposes only and are subject to existing inventory, series, suppliers, shades selected by the architect and are subject to change without prior notice by the company. The company will be bound by the signed contract and technical specifications only. T.L.H.

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