Sde Dov project

In the new Eshkol neighborhood situated in one of the most sought-after areas on the Sde Dov land that was cleared, and adjacent to the park and the sea, the Levinstein Group, in collaboration with Allied and Mivne Group, will build around 230 residential and commercial units on a 4.6 dunam area. The Eshkol plan, which spans an overall area of around 340 dunams in the northern part of Tel Aviv, at the intersection of Agnon and Levi Eshkol streets. The Eshkol plan is one of 3 plans that includes a total of around 5,000 residential units, as part of the new residential quarter that will be built on the former airport land. In addition to the apartments, 191 m2 of commercial and business areas will be built, as well as 30,000 m2 of hotel space and additional public uses.

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