The Meshulam Levinstein Group

Over 75 years of consistent growth

The Meshulam Levinstein Group is a public corporation of engineering, construction, and real estate companies.

Among our specializations: Construction and ownership of Income-producing real estate properties. Initiating and executing projects (including land investments, handling of permits, construction, sales, and rentals). Initiation and construction of office buildings, public buildings, and structures designed for the high-tech industry. Infrastructure works, construction of bridges, and building contracts. International activity – Initiation, development, and construction of thousands of housing units in Eastern Europe. Initiation and construction of apartment buildings and residential neighborhoods Development of shopping centers and commercial buildings.

The Meshulam Levinstein Group began the group’s path as early as 1945, by its founder, the late Mr. Meshulam Levinstein – a pioneer of civil engineering in Israel. In 1964 he established his business and set up a private construction company. In 1970, his son, Shaul Lotan, also a civil engineer, joined the company.

Over the years, the company expanded its activities and in 1982 became a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. At the same time, the late Mr. Meshulam Levinstein became the active chairman of the group and Shaul Lotan was given the position of managing the company.

Since then, the group has continued the momentum of development and expansion, presenting consistent growth rates at every scale, being managed consistently according to advanced standards, offering creative solutions, and showing responsibility and commitment to its investors. In 2006, the group acquired Faber, which specializes in infrastructure, bridge construction, residential construction, and other contracting works.

Today, the Levinstein Group is identified with many dozens of prominent projects in Israel and across the world. Includes advanced design, quality construction, and a high level of finish. All this is in addition to adherence to schedule setting, within a given budget framework, and in all execution obligations. The impressive results over its many years of activity have given the Levinstein Group a great reputation and established its position as a leading group in its areas of activity.

In 2010, Levinstein Properties, a subsidiary of the group, was listed on the stock exchange.

Levinstein Properties Ltd. initiates, builds, and markets for rent buildings called CLASS A, i.e. luxurious buildings, with a high level of finish, both internally and externally. The company’s income-producing assets include luxury towers for offices, spectacular high-tech buildings and shopping centers. The Levinstein Group provides Levinstein Properties with all the necessary management and execution services.

Impressive results throughout many years of activity

The Meshulam Levinstein Group is a public corporation of engineering, construction and real estate companies. The company builds and markets new apartments and a variety of new projects in Israel and around the world.