Company Vision

Company Vision


The Meshulam Levinstein Group

70 years of consistent growth

The Meshulam Levinstein Group is looking forward to corporate achievements as it realizes its future goals.A few of these goals:

  •  Expanding the Group’s income real estate infrastructure
  •  Expanding its activity in the sphere of infrastructures in Israel and in the sphere of residential construction abroad.
  • Continuing to expand its activity in the office building and hi-tech industry construction sphere.
  • Maintaining high standards in the field of construction, whether residential, office or commercial .
  • Continuing to uphold all of its performance commitments to a wide range of clients .
  • A commitment to the tradition of excellence and quality that it has built during its six decades of operation.
  • Maintaining its relationship with its business partners, which is based on decency, reliability and commitment.
  • Leveraging its extensive experience and considerable know-how in international markets .
  • Distributing dividends and obtaining maximum value for its shareholder

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