Levintech Kfar Saba

LEVINTECH from the Levinstein Group is a modern and intimate office and commercial complex that is currently located in the desired location on the border of Raanana - Kfar Saba North. The complex was designed by the firm of architects Bareli Levitsky Kasif, from the leading firms of architects in the country. The complex is 7 floors above the commercial floor, open balconies on each floor.


The complex is in the southern part of the "Green Kfar Saba" neighborhood, near the "Raanana North" junction and to the north by "Derech Begin" and "Naomi Shemer" Street.

Advanced Planning

Distinct architectural language

High Finish

High-quality living environment

A variety of new projects

High Technical Specifications

Quality construction

Meeting deadlines

High standards

Nationwide deployment

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